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Your car is a fantastic investment and getting it back looking great after a collision is a must. With things like headlights, it is essential to make sure that your headlights are repaired properly and quickly. Replacing your headlights is a must, find out more about the service by reading further.

What is a Complete Headlight Assembly Replacement Service?

Replacing a headlight is not all that difficult if it is just the bulb that needs to be replaced. If the housing is damaged, however, replacement can be a bit more challenging. For those that are working with a headlight assembly that needs to be changed, it is always best to seek professional help. A headlight assembly is the housing and the headlight itself that is installed in the front of the car. The housing is the silvered casing that helps to project the light from the bulb forward. The lens or clear plastic is also considered to be part of the assembly. Replacement involves removing the old headlight and replacing it with a new assembly.

Why Should I have a Complete Headlight Assembly Replacement Service?

Replacement is necessary for many instances. Your headlight can be damaged, old, cracking, the lends can be foggy or clouded, the blub may need to be replaced with a better one, or the wiring can be bad. This can also mean it’s time for a Headlight Restoration Service If your headlight is damaged, you should have it repaired professionally to make sure that it is replaced properly and that all the wiring is hooked up right. You should also have it professionally done to make sure that bulbs are where they should be, that seals are properly installed and that the light is going to stay put and that it is not going to leak.

What happens if you do not have a Complete Headlight Assembly Replacement Service?

If you have a damaged headlight assembly and you do not replace it you can expect the light to potentially fall out, to hold water, to stop working, or to cause damage to the frame and the rest of the car. You may also experience many issues with the light working properly and your ability to see at night. In some cases, you may even get a ticket from police officers for not having properly working lights.

Why Should Mission Bay Collision Center?

Mission Bay Collision offer s comfortable lounge for customers, rental cars as needed, certified technicians, and knowledgeable service advisors that can help you to get your headlights replaced when you Schedule this service.

  • I-CAR Tech
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 98.6% C.S.S.
  • We Work with all Insurance
  • New Remodeled Building
  • 37,000 Sq Ft
  • Secure Storage
  • Nissan Certified
  • Locally Owned
  • 5 Day Turnaround Time

Mission Bay Collision Center

Mission Bay Collision Center has got advanced collision repair equipment and repair processes. It is now possible to recapture the original factory look and feel of a car or truck after a collision. When you trust your vehicle’s repairs to Mission Bay Collision Center, we guarantee quality workmanship and attention to every detail.

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